A new paradigm for online learning.

SAPIEN is an interactive, multilingual, emotionally-responsive, virtual-human-based coaching platform for learning academic or soft skills.

How it works

🎓 Pick a topic

Choose from any one of our four custom conversation modules (Job interview, Langauge Learning, Online lectures, Speed dating), or even create your own!

😄 Converse

Have a dynamic video chat based on your selected topic. SAPIEN uses the latest in conversational AI to craft unique and meaningful dialogue.

📈 Get feedback

Receive module-specific feedback to help you improve your skills, or test your knowledge.

Watch a demo


Masum Hasan

PhD Student, University of Rochester

Ehsan Hoque

Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Rochester

Cengiz Ozel

Researcher, University of Rochester

Sammy Potter

Undergraduate Researcher, University of Rochester


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